Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Jim Snyder said...

The Lord sure has been good to me. Just before Christmas I started a house church in my motel room. Two weeks ago we baptized two former drug addicts.

The day after Christmas my VA Hospital Dr. advised me I had prostate cancer. I was scheduled to go to the Palo Alto, CA VA Hospital for robotic surgery. However I never heard from those folks as to when the surgery was to take place. So I called them and they advised me my surgery had been cancelled. I asked why and they said because they couldn't find any cancer in my biopsy samples. Ain't the Lord Good.

Jim Snyder said...

Don't forget to make your reservation for the Never Again Fellowship Luncheon here in Fresno, CA at Huckleberry's Restaurant, 222 E. Bullard Ave., 1/2 block east of the 41 freeway. Sam Stryhanyn, formerly of Avenal Sate Prison, will be sharing how the Lord has helped him to successfully complete his parole so he can say, "Never Again, I am not going back." PTL Use this link to make a reservation. Attendees at this no host luncheon may order off of the menue, Dutch Treat.

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