Thursday, February 23, 2012

Simple Ways to Bless a Blog

Simply put, blessing a blog follows the beautiful command of Proverbs 27:2:


“Don’t call attention to yourself;

let others do that for you.”


Here are the simple ways to Bless a Blog:

1. Linkup

2. Check out other blog sites

3. In your blog post, refer your readers to check out a blog linked up here (click here to see how I blessed the blog, Spreading Joy.)

4. Insert a link in your blog to their home page and the blog article (both)

5. Comment on the blogger’s article that you have “blessed” their blog (it’s even BETTER to tell them why you blessed them!)

6. In your comment, make sure to link your blog address with a link to the blessing!


It’s truly THAT simple! But if you need more details, read the full guidelines here: Bless a Blog.


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